LISSE Connects Taste Bud and Wine

Wine value always comes from pleasure of tasting and sharing. LISSE team, cooperated by international group from San Francisco and Taiwan, are wine enthusiasts who enjoy the time gathering together and sharing the discovery of the wine world. In 2020, we raises an innovative and contactless wine exploring technology for wine lovers . “Don’t miss journey of a glass of wine’’ and ‘’ Taste precisely the next glass’’. Lisse, in the meaning of smooth taste, offers enthusiasts the opportunity to explore immediately the body and the very different stages in a  glass of the wine. Its compact and portable size is a great travel companion not to mention becoming a cool gadget in your bag. Lisse is a conversation starter offering rejoicing as well as a perfect gift.


Our mission is to create wine cloud community and share wine information to your friends. LISSE plays a bridge role between wine and people.
  • For wine freshman -  good wine tasting experience and fun  
  • For wine lovers- explore wine level and find your falvor tasting
  • For sommelier- explore wine level and choose wine for targeted customer 
  • For restaurant- wine pairing with food and table game

    What Are Tannins? Why Wine Need Decant?

    Tannins are derived from the skins, stems, and seeds of the grapes used to produce the wine. Technically, they are plant-derived polyphenols. Red wines are in contact with the grape for a longer period, which is why they tend to have higher tannins. A wine with high tannins can be described as bitter and astringent. Tannins are often one reason why it is recommended that you allow a wine to "breathe" or aerate before drinking it. The air softens the tannins, particularly in young red wines.