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    Innovative contactless technology with edge computing
    The team members are not only wine lovers and sommeliers, but consist of physical, chemical, information, and electrical engineers. Software computing model designed by LISSE, USA; Innovative hardware designed by WINESOON, Taiwan. Simple and satisfying design and limited available range for tall wine glass at anywhere and anytime. The CPU is implemented molecular dynamic reaction model  and algorithms related tannin acide, oxygen, carbon dioxide, Ethanol, and glucose. With high speed FFT encode/decode and array to control wine status and personal tasting bud. LISSE  not only brings brand new experience and technology, but opens the concept of the next generation AIoT in the future life.

    2D  multiple polarized electric field to arrange the polar molecule direction to enhance air permeability

Low power magnetic pulse field to reduce chemical activation energy and enhance the speed of carbon dioxide released to decant wine

In each segmentation, such as 15/30/45/60 secs, cpu controls the field status automatically by sensing response. It also can remove overdosed alcohol and sulfide. Amazing soften tannin ability in molecular level, let wine has tasting value from original astringent to ripe fruity stage with LISSE multi phase controlled.