LISSE not only for decant, but explore wine and capture your taste bud

LISSE uses number to connects wine and human, let wine lovers to find out what wine aromas and taste are suit myself. Basically, the LISSE 15/30/45/60/90/120 secs are respect to light body, middle body, and heavy body of wine. There are two stage for wine lovers.

Exploring Stage

Use repeatable LISSE 15 to take a sip in a glass of wine, the wine aromas curve will appeared from your taste bud. For merlot grape of Bordeaux, with a glass of wine to taste multiple level in 15/30/45 secs setting, and find this wine aromas step by step. Keep original wine in bottle.
  • LISSE 15- blueberry, mint flavor, and astrigent taste
  • LISSE 30- nut, peppercorn flavor, and bright taste
  • LISSE 45- strawberry, fruity falvor and smooth taste

Tasting Stage

After exploration, the next glass you can choose directly LISSE timer what you want and to pair with your food and tasting bud. Everyone can choose by self. For example, lady likes more fruity and men likes earthy aromas., ..etc.

Create your wine tasting map LISSE cooperates with global wine sommelier and winery to create the sharing platform for LISSE pairing number

To be an experienced Lisse user, you just need a glass of wine to evaluate wine potential and select what wine you want.


    For mainstream of grape variety in old/new world, LISSE freshman can follow the recommend table to learn how to explore and decant wine.